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Warship - 2008-11-01

Nachdem sich die aus Long Island stammenden FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES im Juni diesen Jahres urplötzlich auflösten, war es lediglich eine Frage der Zeit, bis deren ehemalige Mitglieder wieder musikalisch aktiv werden würden. So taten sich etwa Francis Mark (Gesang) und Rob Lauritsen (Gitarre) erneut zusammen, rekrutierten noch THE BLED-Aktivist Darren Simoes für den Bass und komplettierten das Quartett durch Greg March am Schlagzeug. Und nicht einmal fünf Monate nach der FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES-Auflösung am 09. Juni 2008 erscheint mit 'Supply And Depend' bereits der Debüt-Langspieler von WARSHIP, die keinen Zweifel an der Tatsache aufkommen lassen, man habe es hier mit gestandenen musikalischen Recken zu tun, die das Post Hardcore-Genre anno 2008 dominieren wie nicht viele Bands diesen Schlages. Wir sprachen mit ex-FRAOM AUTUMN TO ASHES- und nun WARSHIP-Aktivist-Francis Mark über die Entstehung von deren Debütalbum 'Supply And Depend' und das, was man mit der neuen Band erreichen möchte:

SJM: After the split of From Autumn To Ashes - did you always wanted to go on making music or was there a time you thought about putting your career to rest?

Francis Mark / Warship: Even when I decide to put my career to rest I will keep making music and playing music to some extent. I'll be an old man in a rocking chair still strumming a guitar I hope. When music stops paying the bills I will get another job I guess, but I will always keep playing in my free time.

SJM: Warship is a band that's quite new to us. Is there a certain story behind the formation of Warship you want to tell us about?

Francis Mark / Warship: I had been a member of FATA since I was 17 years old and I simply grew out of it. I am very proud of the albums I made with FATA but I did not want to play under that name anymore for two reasons: 1 - some of the people/old members who helped me build that name are no longer in my life and 2 - I thought the music we were writing for Warship was better. So Rob and I decided to start this new band and work on it full time.

SJM: If you think about your first practice in the basement: Did you always know in which musical direction you were heading towards or was your style something that just "came out" the way it did?

Francis Mark / Warship: Yes it came together very naturally. I was surprised how easy it was for Rob and I to write together. We had been playing together for 2 years but this was the first time we were writing new songs together.

SJM: If you think about your past experience in bands, for example From Autumn To Ashes or The Bled – did you want to create something of an equal style or did you want to create something completely new? From my mind your debut "Supply And Depend" sounds a lot like From Autumn To Ashes, but a completely new vibe was added to their sound. How come your songs sound that fresh?

Francis Mark / Warship: I did not intend for Warship to sound like FATA but I guess thats what comes out of me so I don't try to fight it. I think Warship is much more angry and ugly than what we were doing in FATA. We wanted it to sound like two friends jamming in a room and not a slick, over produced album. I don't like how polished a lot of heavy albums sound now. Too many studio tricks stripping the human feeling out of the music. On this album we tried to rely only on our playing ability and not on technology.

SJM: "Supply And Depend " will be released by Vagrant once again. How come you decided to put out your debut record on the same label that released the CDs of From Autumn To Ashes? What makes you think that Vagrant is the perfect label to release "Supply And Depend" on?

Francis Mark / Warship: I have released four studio albums (one under the name Biology) and one live album with Vagrant over the last five years. We have a great relationship and have done a lot of work together. They were very supportive when I told them we wanted to start a new band.

SJM: Could you please tell us what you're doing when you're not busy with Warship? What are your lifes like when you're not on tour?

Francis Mark / Warship: I live in Brooklyn, New York with my girlfriend. We stay home a lot. I work on artwork, drawings and paintings and she likes to cook vegetarian food. I go to shows as much as I can. So many good bands are always coming through New York. Even though I live in a big city I lead a quiet life and I hope to move out of here one day and live on a farm, or in the mountains, but I am still only 26 so I'm trying to be social and enjoy the night life.

SJM: Your debut record "Supply And Depend" will be released in Novemer: What is the overall feedback like the record received so far?

Francis Mark / Warship: So far a lot of people seem to like it very much. We are very pleased and proud of the album. I still listen to it myself quite a bit and I enjoy it. That is rare i think. A lot of musicians don't listen to their own music and don't like the music they make. I love this album and love playing it live.

SJM: Let's have a look into the bands' future. Where do you see Warship by the end of this and the beginning of next year? Where would you wish to be and what do you wish to achieve with Warship?

Francis Mark / Warship: Whatever it is that the universe has in store for me I will graciously accept. I have been very fortunate so far in this life and i am thankful.

SJM: To sum it all up: What can we expect of Warship in 2008 and 2009? What´s gonna happen right after the release of the record?

Francis Mark / Warship: World domination.

SJM: You've already been to Germany with From Autumn To Ashes, I guess. What about your personal experience over here in Germany? Would you like to come over again?

Francis Mark / Warship: Everyone knows that for heavy metal music Germany is one of the best places to play. I would like to come there with Warship as soon as possible. Our friends Angie and Dave are the best. They always make our trips to Germany perfect.

SJM: I always leave the last statement to the band. Is there anything you´d like to say or just add? Whatever it may be. Here´s the place for it:

Francis Mark / Warship: There very well may be nothing after this life, so love everyday of it. This music is for my friends that have checked out. Thank you for helping us spread the word on Warship and we hope to come play for you soon. And lastly, thanks very much to all that shared From Autumn to Ashes with me. Those are very fond memories.

(Dennis Grenzel)